Extra Curricular

Our school day ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for enrichment and additional activities. All students are expected to take part in extra-curricular activities after school and Sixth Form students are enabled to set up their own clubs and societies for themselves and for the benefit of younger students. We already have a wide and rich offer of music, sporting, expressive arts and academic clubs and societies, but new ideas are always welcome. It is an exciting time as the Sixth Form grows and we challenge students to be the first to initiate choirs, bands, drama productions and the like in order to leave a lasting legacy.

We use Enrichment days and other opportunities to help students develop and have fun in different ways. Events include:

  • The London Challenge: the whole Sixth Form is taken into the capital for a day and groups made up of a combination of Year 12 and Year 13 students compete against each other across a series of activities.
  • The House Cup: Year 12 and 13 form groups, pair up and take part in quizzes, sports, talent shows and many other activities across the year to find the winning House – in fact, form groups are encouraged to suggest the events they will be best at and them take on all challengers!
  • Roadster: with many students learning to drive during their time in Sixth Form, this is an important day as they find out more about driving lessons, road safety, car insurance, ways to cut costs without compromising their wellbeing and basic skills such as changing tyres.
  • Job interviews: real company directors are brought it to put the students through their paces for the careers they are interested in and then give feedback to them on how they came across, as well as their application letters and CVs.

Sixth Form students have been given the responsibility of setting up and managing their own sports teams, with the idea being that they experience the organisational side of it as they will at university. We make this easier by having Year 12 and Year 13 core PE lessons on at the same time on a Wednesday afternoon so that Sixth Form teams can play fixtures and have the support of the whole PE department. There are also Sixth Form v Staff matches and these are the most competitive of all!

The core PE lessons are part of our belief that we should all make sure that we are living healthy lifestyles, both physically and mentally. It is important to switch off from studies and undertake a rewarding period of activity so that we feel refreshed and fit to complete other challenges. Becket Keys has a brand new sports hall, an AstroTurf surface, large playgrounds and plenty of countryside around for students to compete and exercise in. Links with local gyms, pools and sports centres allow students opportunities to go offsite to enjoy further sporting endeavours. 

We recognise that there is a lot of pressure on our Sixth Formers and we are fully committed to ensuring that they also have excellent opportunities to relax and enjoy their final two years of school. Our brand new dedicated Sixth Form lounge, garden, decking area and silent study rooms, alongside toilets specifically for Sixth Formers ensure a mature 'university style' environment in our fabulous new 'Justin Welby Building'.